Monday, June 30, 2008

Patriotism Is Still 'Cool'

For a bit of a change of pace, I thought I would add a few personal comments to the blog site. I can do that, you know, since I own the site!!....;-)
This week will bring us another 4th of July. While some of us will view this as just another chance at a 3-day weekend, some of us will be celebrating the day for what it is: a chance to celebrate our freedoms that have been paid for with the blood of others. There will BBQ's galore, flags on display and plenty of fireworks....some legal and some not-so-legal! If we are to maintain our freedoms, however, we must keep reminding ourselves just how we got here in the first place.
If you think about it, there has rarely been a time that we have not been at war. Right at this moment, we are engaged in war in Iraq. My generation had Viet Nam. My father was in World War II, and my grandfather's generation had World War I. In between, there were 'conflicts' such as Korea. Brave soldiers, men and women, have fought and died to ensure our freedoms, and we owe them.....big time.
Make no mistake about it, though. We do not fight to 'keep the peace'. That is cannot fight and keep peace at the same time. We fight to continue our way of life, enjoy our freedoms, and keep tyrants from taking away those rights and freedoms. Sometimes we fight for ourselves, sometimes we fight for the rights of others, yet ultimately we fight for freedom.
Are we war mongers? Some might say yes, but I say No! History has proven that we must fight in order to remain free. If our freedoms and way of life were ever taken away, those who oppose wars would be the first to wonder why we are not fighting to get those freedoms back. Yet, to be politically correct, whenever there is a conflict or war in our generation, the majority oppose the actions. Where would we be today if we had not fought to rid the world of Hitler and the Nazis, or if we had turned the other cheek to the Japanese when they attacked Pearl Harbor? Likely, those of us east of the Mississippi would now be speaking German, and those in the west would be speaking Japanese.
Freedom is not comes at a cost. The 4th of July is not vacation time. It is time to enjoy our hard earned freedoms and our way of life. Independence Day. I, for one, will do as others do and fire up the BBQ this weekend. In one hand I will have a fork or spatula. In the other, I will have an ice cold beer which I will use to toast the men and women of the armed forces who, throughout history, have lived and died for my freedom. After I toast them, I will put down my beer and give a snappy hand salute to those brave souls....just to say 'Thank You'!

Stopping a Foreclosure

The economic picture does not look like it is going to ease any time soon. As such, foreclosures will continue to be problematic for some homeowners. Following is the exerpt from another article about foreclosures and solutions. If we can be of public service enough to prevent even one family from losing their home to foreclosure, then the effort will have been worth it!

Can You Really Stop Foreclosure?

by Sean Roberts

When you found your dream home, you were so excited. It was exactly what you were looking for. You were told you didn't need a down payment, you would have payments you could easily afford and were told to just sign here and the house is yours. Many people fell for scams like these. These were called sub-prime mortgages. The reason they were a bargain is because they were designed for people with not-so-great credit.

These sub-prime loans were established for people who otherwise would never have been able to afford a home under normal circumstances. What these people, and possibly you, were not told is that the interest rate would jump at a later date. That means that the payments may have become too much and you now need to work to stop the foreclosure. These are bad business practices and far too many people fell for them as they chased the American dream. If you're stuck in a situation like this, you may be facing foreclosure and it's time to consider ways to stop it....................

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More About Foreclosures

In the interest of saving space and time, beginning with this article, we are going to post excerts rather than the full article. If you are interested in reading the full article, we invite you to visit our site for the full version of the articles, plus 40+ other articles, tips and sources of info:

Two Simple Solutions to Avoid Foreclosure on Your Home.

by Sean Roberts

Due to default on your payments, if your lender, bank or
mortgage company is looking to take your home through
foreclosure, you should be looking for solutions to prevent
this from happening. Here in this article, we are going to
look at two simple things you can do to stop the proceedings
and save your home from foreclosure.

You Can Live With These Two Simple Solutions

Several ways exist that you can use to stop foreclosure on
your home from your bank, but the simple, first step to your
foreclosure solution is to contact your bank or lender and
talk to them. It is generally agreed that it is not in the
lender's best interests to foreclose on your home. Since it
is likely that they will be stuck with the property for a
while and come out of the process losing money, they are
more apt to help you find a solution to your foreclosure
problem. By doing so, you can keep your home and the lender
can keep receiving payments without losing money on their

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Foreclosure Help, Prevent Foreclosure

Another in the series on foreclosure written exclusively for our site by Sean Roberts:

How to Save the Pain of Losing Your Home and Prevent

by Sean Roberts

The mere thought of losing your home to foreclosure can
cause you a lot of anxiety. So you can just imagine how
painful it is if you actually lose your home. Fortunately,
there are plenty of ways to prevent foreclosure even in this
time of economic woes. Forget about all the things that you
read in the paper or have seen on TV about the inevitability
of foreclosure. If you really want to prevent foreclosure
and save your home, you have to think positively and
actively find ways to prevent foreclose instead of just
wallowing in despair.

Contact Your Creditors

One good way to prevent foreclosure is by explaining your
financial situation to your creditors as best you can, leave
nothing out, and ask them for their help. If you have
received a collection letter or phone call from your
creditors, do not simply run and hide. If you try to hide,
these lenders have ways to find you and then foreclose on
your home. It makes no sense to try to hide from them.
Instead of hiding from the situation, face the facts and
explain your situation to the creditors. If they ask for
your current financial records, do not hesitate. Give them
copies of what you have that helps you relate your
circumstances. The more cooperative you are, the more
willing they will be to help you and give you a chance to
stay in your home.

Ask For Special Forbearance

Consider asking for a special forbearance to prevent
foreclosure when you talk to your lender or creditor. A
forbearance is a special agreement to postpone any pending
action. Some special forbearances will allow you time to
arrange for a payment plan that is compatible with your
budget. Usually when you ask the bank or financial
institution for special forbearance, they will ask you to
prepare an income and expense statement showing what you can
afford to pay for your home mortgage. A representative of
the bank or other lender will review your statement and then
ask which expense items you can eliminate in order to free
up additional capital to pay your debts. The representative
may ask you for a plan on how you may be able to increase
your income in the near future.

Try Asking for a Modification to Your Mortgage

Aside from asking for special forbearance to prevent
foreclosure, you may also prevent foreclosure by asking for
mortgage modification or refinancing. Refinancing your loan
can help you get better terms and conditions of payments. In
most cases, when you refinance your loans, your creditors
will extend the term of payment and reduce the monthly
amortization of your loans.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

First of a Series: Prevent Foreclosure

Here is our first installment of the new site series we did about Foreclosure, how to prevent it and how to find the best deals if you are looking to buy a foreclosure property:

Prevent Foreclosure. The Necessary Steps
by Sean Roberts

Going through the process of buying your new home, you did
just as a lot of other people did: You signed without
reading all the fine print. Really, who wants to take the
time to read all that fine print? Not many of us. First, you
need a magnifying glass or microscope just to see it.
Second, unless you have a law degree, you are not going to
decipher it anyway! You are not alone; Most people sign that
bottom line without fully understanding what they are
signing. Maybe just like you, these people now find that
after their initial period, their rates have shot up, their
payments have skyrocketed accordingly, and they can no
longer afford to make their house payment. They are looking
into the face of foreclosure.

If you are facing foreclosure, which means the bank is
coming to repossess your home, there are some things you can
do. In most of the cases, foreclosure happened because of
shady lending business practices. You should have been told
what you were signing. But that's all in the past. You must
work on securing your future.

Contact Your Bank or Mortgage Company

One of the first things you should do if you're facing
foreclosure is contact your lender. If your lender is a
bank, contact the bank and ask them if there's any type of
arrangement you can work out. You must realize that banks
don't like to conduct foreclosures. They would rather have
you stay in the house and make payments so they will do all
they can to make things work.

When a bank goes through a foreclosure, they risk that the
house will not sell quickly and will remain empty for a long
time. Then, when they do sell the house, they usually get
far less for it than if you had stayed and continued paying
on it. Don't be afraid to ask them for help if you have
fallen on hard times. Remember, you are not alone, and it is
likely they will work with you.

Contact An Attorney

If you've been the victim of lending fraud or shady business
practices, you may have a case that you can take to court.
Contact a lawyer and see if one will help you. Lawyers can
be very expensive and most would think, "If I can't pay for
my house, how am I going to pay for a lawyer?" While this
may be true, some lawyers will work on contingency on your
case, which means they won't charge you unless there's a
settlement or a judgment in your favor. It's worth a try so
that you don't have to go through a foreclosure.

Don't Run Away From Foreclosure

When facing foreclosure proceedings, the best advice anyone
can give you is not to run away or skip out on your
obligation. You not only are in danger of ruining your
credit rating for a long time, lenders will be less likely
to trust you in the future. Besides that, you will have no
place to go and will be out on the streets. Do everything
necessary to avoid a foreclosure. Make the effort to call
the bank, lender or mortgage company, or call an attorney if
you think you have a case involving fraud or deception.
Don't let your pride get in your way. Ask for help from your
church or local charity that helps people in financial
difficulty. You are not alone in facing tough times, so do
what you can to ensure that you do not lose your home to
foreclosure. Part of the 'American Dream' is owning a home.
Just be sure you do not needlessly let that dream slip away.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Foreclosure Site Launched!

We have just put up our new site that deals with the problems people face with Foreclosure. The economy that has continued to spiral downward, coupled with unscrupulous broker/lenders, has lead many families and individuals to deal with the agony of a home foreclosure. Just look at the newspapers or television reports and you will see what we mean.
We took the time to research the subject of foreclosures and the info is now on our site. Since not all foreclosures are one-sided affairs, and there are some foreclosures out there that are legitimate because some people just don't want to pay, we looked at the subject from both sides. If you truly are finding difficulty in paying your monthly mortgage, you will find info on how to stop a foreclosure, how to avoid foreclosure and how to prevent foreclosure from happening. On the other side, if you are an investor and want to find bargains in the real estate market, we cover that subject as well.
Since we just uploaded our new site today, we will begin posting articles from the site here in a day or two after the new site has been indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. In the meantime, check out the new site at
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