Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Site Launch Announced

Now that we have two of our new sites up and running (Debt Reduction and Personal Security), we are underway on our next project, Foreclosure. We all have heard about the credit crunch, sub-prime mortgage mess, etc., so we thought that it would be a good time to gather good information, articles and tips for those that unfortunately find themselves facing the dread of a foreclosure on their home.
Foreclosure is certainly no laughing matter, and we take the subject seriously. On our new site, we will try to bring you good, real information you can act on to protect your interests and that of your family.
The target date for our new launch is June 1, 2008. Watch here for details about the 'big day'.
You can also go to our main site for details and a link to the new site when it is available. To go to our main site, click here: FreeInfoDepot.com

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Personal Security Devices

In our on-going effort to stay on task and provide you with some of the best information and tips about Personal Security, we offer another in the series of articles from Frank Joseph.....

Effective Personal Security Devices to Keep You Safe

by Frank Joseph

Especially considering our ever-changing times, it is always a smart idea to find new ways of protecting yourself. In today’s world, when it is not safe to walk on almost any street at night in any town, having an array of personal security devices at your disposal can go a long way to making sure that you and your family remain safe.

Aside from the more potent personal security devices like guns or knives, there are other personal security devices that you can purchase that will bring a good level of security to you and your family at the same time as reducing the chance that you could accidentally injure someone else. Most criminals frighten fairly easily while others require direct contact before they will call off an attack, so it is a good idea to have a variety of small personal security devices on you at all times to help repel any kind of assailant.

Of course, the best personal security is common sense and common sense says to avoid dark streets and alleys at night for your own protection. Beyond that there are various personal security devices.

A personal security device that many people carry is an alarm that makes a very high pitched loud squeal when the button on the alarm is pushed. If you are in an area occupied by a lot of people, then this sort of personal security device can be extremely effective. If an attacker is causing you harm and you push the button on this little alarm, the shrill and loud sound is likely to make them take fright. It is always nice to turn the tables on a criminal, and making them scared just after they did the same for you is always a nice feeling.

Just Give a Whistle

A more basic personal security device that many people carry is a simple referee’s whistle like you would see a football or basketball referee carry. The disadvantage is that you don’t always have the time or ability to raise a whistle to your mouth while you are being attacked, but having the whistle does bring a feeling of security to the people who carry them.

Many people prefer personal security devices such as taser guns, mace or pepper spray. Understand that there may be laws where you reside against buying and using these products, especially tasers, so always check with law enforcement before buying these products. Law enforcement wants you to be safe, but you do not want to be the one taken to jail for any violation after you have been attacked. Leave that up to the criminal!

Find more articles by Frank Joseph, along with tips, links and free info at www.freeinfodepot.com/personalsecurity.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Best Home Security

Another in our series on our new web site for Personal Security. Enjoy!

The Best Home Security and How to Find It
by Frank Joseph

A lot of different companies claim they are the best when it
comes to home security systems, but how can you be sure who
is the best or not? You definitely need a game plan when you
begin your comparison of which is the best security system
and which is the best company.

Evaluate Your Options

The first step you'll need to take in finding the best home
security is to look at your options. Your first choice will
be between hiring a company to install and maintain your
home security system or installing a custom one yourself.

Companies such as Brinks and ADT provide great services for
protecting your home from break-ins, fire, and are able to
connect you with emergency services at any time. These
systems, however, can get expensive, depending on the
different features that you want to include.

A second option in getting the best home security system is
to install the security components in your home without the
services of a security system company (Do-it-yourself). This
option is good for people who have one special problem area
in or around their home. It’s also great for those who want
the protection of a security system without the high price
tag. Really, the best home security system for you is the
one which meets all your requirements while remaining

If you decide you will get the best home security system by
installing the security components yourself, then you will
first need to know where your problem areas are. Example,
are you concerned about particular entrances. If that is the
case, you can purchase and install separate alarms on these
doors and entry ways, or you could install security cameras.

Perhaps the best security system is security cameras to
watch your home, because so many can be installed either by
yourself or a security company. If something does happen at
your home, you can provide the police or sheriff’s office
with videotape and aid them in capturing the bad guys with
proof that will lead to their prosecution.

Although a security system provided by a service company can
give your endless options for your coverage and be there at
a moment's notice, it may not be the best home security
system for you. If you happen to live in a rural area, all
you may need is a camera and some motion sensor lights.
Every home is different, and every homeowner wants the best
home security they can get without breaking the bank. That
is why you should always check out every option before
deciding on the right home security system for you, your
family and your home.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our New Web Site - Personal Security

Our newest site has just been launched, and we are very excited about his one too! The site is about Personal Security, a concern for most people in today's society. Enjoy the next series of article, and don't forget to check out this site and our main site. Links are below.

Do You Really Need Home Security to Protect Your Family?
by Frank Joseph

Most people are unsure whether or not they need home
security. For sure, everyone wants to feel safe. If you are
in a neighborhood with high crime rates and you want to feel
safer in your own home, then a home security system may be
the best choice for you.

The Basics of Home Security

Home security is a booming business. Security companies make
millions of dollars every year protecting homes from
burglaries, break-ins, and fires. These companies can give
you a variety of different options for your home. They will
come in and evaluate your security needs and make
recommendations on what type of system would be best for
your home.

Once you get an evaluation of your home by a home security
company, you may realize that you will not have quite as
much protection as they have suggested. If this is the case,
you can put together your own home security system that
focuses on specific problems with security that your home
has. This way, you will get the protection that you need
without the high price of getting a full service from a
security company.

Are you really a potential victim to crime? An easy step
would be to thoroughly go around the outside of your home
and do a careful investigation. Are there any areas where a
criminal might easily break in? Doing another investigation
at night, are there any areas that are extremely dark? These
areas that are very dark could give a criminal extra cover
he could use to nearer to your house without being seen. You
could eliminate the problem by installing motion sensor
lights to illuminate the areas. This would also make it
safer for you at night when walking from your car to your
house while avoiding any unnecessary surprises.

Home security is an important part of owning a home today.
There is nothing you wouldn't do in order to protect your
family, and many people feel that their family is well
protected by having a great home security system, either
through a company or put together yourself. Getting security
in your life does not have to break the bank and it does not
have to be complicated. Basic safety can give you the
comfort you need to have fun and enjoy life in your own

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Debt Consolidators - A Growing Business

With the down-turn in the economy, higher fuel costs, and higher prices generally across the board, debt has become a major problem for the world public (not just the American public.) In 'honor' of our new web site for Debt Reduction launched this week, we bring you another article that can be of use:

How Debt Consolidators Can Help You
by L. B. James

When it comes to being in debt, feelings of hopelessness and
fear can overwhelm even the best of us. The bad news is that
being in debt can have you running from harassing phone
calls and can even have you on the brink of losing your
home. Debt can also affect credit scores, making it hard if
not impossible to get loans for cars and other major

The better news is that if you are an individual who is in
debt, you don't have to remain in debt. As a matter of fact,
debt consolidators have become quite popular, particularly
with the cost of living rising, as many more people are
discovering themselves seriously in debt.

What is a Debt Consolidator?

Debt consolidators can help you to do a few different
things. The first and most important thing you will get out
of using this service is the ability to pay off all of your
outstanding debts while not having to worry about sending
multiple payments out each month.

The whole point of debt consolidators is to give you an
opportunity to get out of debt by making just one payment
per month to your debt consolidators. Your consolidators
will take your monthly payments and make sure that all of
your debts are paid off at the same time, little by little
each month.

Additionally, debt consolidators will help you save money
while paying off your debts. While putting a consolidated
package together for you, these consolidators usually
contact your debt collectors and settle for less than the
full amount of the debt. You should expect to save
significantly when paying off your debt while using this
service. What is saved can be used for things like keeping
up with other current bills you may have.

Where to Find Good Debt Consolidators

The least attractive thing you want to do is search on the
internet for debt consolidators and get taken for a ride by
all of the different websites that claim to hold the key to
your financial freedom. Of course, if you're very lucky,
you'll find a legitimate website to work with, but there's a
possibility that you will find yourself in a worse position
than when you began.

It’s important to find debt consolidators that own a
business in your local area, where you can go meet them and
sit down with them to discuss your situation and make sure
your decision to do business with them is safe. After all,
we’re talking about your livelihood that can either make or
break your future.

Be sure to check out our Debt Reduction web site at www.freeinfodepot.com/debtreduction
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Next In Line: Debt Assistance

Here is another article that appears on our newly launched site:

Debt Assistance. Reduce Debt & Save Money
by L. B. James

A debt assistance provider may be able to get you back on
your feet again if you feel bowled over by your debt. Before
you make the leap into debt assistance, though, consider
whether or not you can get out of debt on your own.

Consider A Second Job

The easiest possible way to reduce your debt quickly without
resorting to debt assistance is to acquire a second job.
Earmark your earnings on your second job to getting out of
debt. Apply the savings toward the debt with the highest
interest first, then the next highest interest rate, etc.

If you don't believe you have the time, strength or energy
to work a second job away from home, consider working your
second job in the comfort of your home. With a high speed
internet connection, many jobs such as web designing and
copy writing can be done at home.

Selling What You Have

Look around your house and consider what you could sell, and
apply the proceeds of sale toward reducing your debt. Maybe
you have a collection of some knick-knacks or childhood
merchandise that you could easily sell on craigslist or
eBay. You may even try the classified ads in your local

Having a garage sale could be a second option. You may be
pleasantly surprised at how fast you can make hundreds or
even a thousand dollars by selling your excess items and
possessions. The same applies here as with the second job:
be sure to apply all funds from the sale of these items and
articles to debt reduction. These proceeds are not a
windfall; they are a means of providing your own debt
assistance so you can reduce the heavy load of debt upon
your life.

Credit Counseling

If these subtle efforts are not enough to get you out of
debt, or at least reduce it considerably, then credit
counseling is the next option of debt assistance that can
start to make a difference in your life. A one-on-one
meeting with an experienced credit counselor will help you
with resources you need to manage your debt and your
finances. You will learn how to set up a budget, perhaps for
the first time in your life, and how to stay to it.

Together, you and your credit counselor will set up a debt
management plan that includes all your creditors and all of
your debt. The plan will leave you with enough money so you
don't feel too deprived. That way you will be able to stick
to the plan over the months or years that it takes to
conquer debt.

Be Patient

This kind of debt assistance has been proven to work. To get
all their debts paid off, it typically takes an individual
up to six years . Don't incur new debt while you are
undergoing debt assistance. It will only prolong the

We will post new articles here several times per week. This week we are concentrating on the new site, Debt Reduction. Check out the site at www.freeinfodepot.com/debtreduction and be sure to check out our main site www.freeinfodepot.com

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Debt Reduction Launch Complete!

The new web site on Debt Reduction has been launched on target and is now up and running. To say we are excited is an understatement! True to our word, this new site is very informative, containing over 40 articles on debt, debt reduction and dealing with the problems of debt. Here is an example of the articles you will find on the site:

Secrets to Debt Reduction
by L. B. James

The secret key to debt reduction is for you, the debtor, to
be absolutely committed, totally 100% committed, to reducing
your debt or getting out of debt entirely. Have you ever
been totally obsessed in achieving anything? Take just a
moment, look back on your life and think of a time when you
were that obsessed.

Getting Excited About Debt Reduction

Maybe it was while you were in college, and you were
obsessed with getting good grades. You attended every class,
and you took copious notes. You read ahead in the syllabus
and focused on your assignments with feverish intensity. You
started studying early in the semester so you weren't caught
short at Finals or mid-terms. Your friends and family knew
better than to expect you to slack off and hang out with

Perhaps it was a car you were truly excited about. You
looked up pictures of it in car magazines or on the Internet
and read reviews and reports about it. You read the owners'
club books and craned your neck every time you saw a car
just like it drive by while you were cruising around town in
your shabby, boring older car. You saved and sacrificed, and
put away all the money you would need to buy your dream car.
Then came the proud day when you purchased that car, and it
was all yours.

Get Really Obsessed About Debt Reduction

Debt reduction takes that kind of commitment, dedication,
and, yes, obsession. You should be thinking 24/7 about how
you can reduce your debt. As you step onto the bus or train
to commute to work instead of driving, congratulate yourself
on the money you are saving on gas and parking.

During lunchtime, when your co-workers spend upwards of $10
or more on sandwiches, salads, hot dogs and hamburgers take
out your sandwich or salad from your brown paper bag you
brought from home and congratulate yourself saving $50 or
more per week. That is over $2,600 per year you can apply
toward debt reduction!

At night, after work, enjoy a movie….on DVD, that is. Save
$10 to $20 by watching movies at home instead of going out.
Eat dinner and dessert at home. Ask someone to teach you how
to cook if you don’t already know how.

Track Your Changes

Keep a journal, log or notebook of your quest for debt
reduction. Jot down every cent you save so you will be aware
of even minor efforts that have been made and that they are
worthwhile. Total up your savings at the end of each week
and write a check for the amount you accomplished to save.
Utilize that money you saved toward your ultimate goal of
debt reduction by paying down higher interest credit cards
first, then other debt as you go along.

Author L. B. James writes exclusively for our site and for this blog. If you would like to see more of his articles, or just to check out our new site, go to www.freeinfodepot.com/debtreduction.

If you would like to view our main web page, you can see what sites we have completed and a list of sites that are 'under construction' and scheduled for completion in the near future. Find our main site at www.freeinfodepot.com. If you have a suggestion for any subjects you think ought to be covered, post it here or drop us an e-mail to support@freeinfodepot.com. We would appreciate it!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Exciting News - Our New Launch!

I told you a couple of weeks ago that we would launch a new web site dedicated to consumer information, and that I would let you know when it was coming. Well, after much work, and a lot of time and research, we are ready for the new launch! The new site will be launched tomorrow, Sunday, May 4th.
Our first site is aimed at not a new problem, but one that has grown more with the downturn in the economy: Debt Reduction. More and more people are finding their debt has become overwhelming and, as such, we felt it an appropriate time to do research on the subject and make the results free to the public. The site contains 40 new articles on debt reduction and getting out of debt, written by L. B. James exclusively fo our site. It also has numerous suggestions, facts and links to resources that can help with a debt problem.
In the coming weeks we will be bringing you more sites with current subjects to aid you on a wide variety of subjects. We are excited, as we hope you will be!
Anyway, we will post the first article from the new site here tomorrow, but if you can't wait, get on over to our new web site and take a look for yourself: www.freeinfodepot.com/debtreduction.