Saturday, May 3, 2008

Exciting News - Our New Launch!

I told you a couple of weeks ago that we would launch a new web site dedicated to consumer information, and that I would let you know when it was coming. Well, after much work, and a lot of time and research, we are ready for the new launch! The new site will be launched tomorrow, Sunday, May 4th.
Our first site is aimed at not a new problem, but one that has grown more with the downturn in the economy: Debt Reduction. More and more people are finding their debt has become overwhelming and, as such, we felt it an appropriate time to do research on the subject and make the results free to the public. The site contains 40 new articles on debt reduction and getting out of debt, written by L. B. James exclusively fo our site. It also has numerous suggestions, facts and links to resources that can help with a debt problem.
In the coming weeks we will be bringing you more sites with current subjects to aid you on a wide variety of subjects. We are excited, as we hope you will be!
Anyway, we will post the first article from the new site here tomorrow, but if you can't wait, get on over to our new web site and take a look for yourself:

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