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Personal Security Devices

In our on-going effort to stay on task and provide you with some of the best information and tips about Personal Security, we offer another in the series of articles from Frank Joseph.....

Effective Personal Security Devices to Keep You Safe

by Frank Joseph

Especially considering our ever-changing times, it is always a smart idea to find new ways of protecting yourself. In today’s world, when it is not safe to walk on almost any street at night in any town, having an array of personal security devices at your disposal can go a long way to making sure that you and your family remain safe.

Aside from the more potent personal security devices like guns or knives, there are other personal security devices that you can purchase that will bring a good level of security to you and your family at the same time as reducing the chance that you could accidentally injure someone else. Most criminals frighten fairly easily while others require direct contact before they will call off an attack, so it is a good idea to have a variety of small personal security devices on you at all times to help repel any kind of assailant.

Of course, the best personal security is common sense and common sense says to avoid dark streets and alleys at night for your own protection. Beyond that there are various personal security devices.

A personal security device that many people carry is an alarm that makes a very high pitched loud squeal when the button on the alarm is pushed. If you are in an area occupied by a lot of people, then this sort of personal security device can be extremely effective. If an attacker is causing you harm and you push the button on this little alarm, the shrill and loud sound is likely to make them take fright. It is always nice to turn the tables on a criminal, and making them scared just after they did the same for you is always a nice feeling.

Just Give a Whistle

A more basic personal security device that many people carry is a simple referee’s whistle like you would see a football or basketball referee carry. The disadvantage is that you don’t always have the time or ability to raise a whistle to your mouth while you are being attacked, but having the whistle does bring a feeling of security to the people who carry them.

Many people prefer personal security devices such as taser guns, mace or pepper spray. Understand that there may be laws where you reside against buying and using these products, especially tasers, so always check with law enforcement before buying these products. Law enforcement wants you to be safe, but you do not want to be the one taken to jail for any violation after you have been attacked. Leave that up to the criminal!

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