Sunday, May 4, 2008

Debt Reduction Launch Complete!

The new web site on Debt Reduction has been launched on target and is now up and running. To say we are excited is an understatement! True to our word, this new site is very informative, containing over 40 articles on debt, debt reduction and dealing with the problems of debt. Here is an example of the articles you will find on the site:

Secrets to Debt Reduction
by L. B. James

The secret key to debt reduction is for you, the debtor, to
be absolutely committed, totally 100% committed, to reducing
your debt or getting out of debt entirely. Have you ever
been totally obsessed in achieving anything? Take just a
moment, look back on your life and think of a time when you
were that obsessed.

Getting Excited About Debt Reduction

Maybe it was while you were in college, and you were
obsessed with getting good grades. You attended every class,
and you took copious notes. You read ahead in the syllabus
and focused on your assignments with feverish intensity. You
started studying early in the semester so you weren't caught
short at Finals or mid-terms. Your friends and family knew
better than to expect you to slack off and hang out with

Perhaps it was a car you were truly excited about. You
looked up pictures of it in car magazines or on the Internet
and read reviews and reports about it. You read the owners'
club books and craned your neck every time you saw a car
just like it drive by while you were cruising around town in
your shabby, boring older car. You saved and sacrificed, and
put away all the money you would need to buy your dream car.
Then came the proud day when you purchased that car, and it
was all yours.

Get Really Obsessed About Debt Reduction

Debt reduction takes that kind of commitment, dedication,
and, yes, obsession. You should be thinking 24/7 about how
you can reduce your debt. As you step onto the bus or train
to commute to work instead of driving, congratulate yourself
on the money you are saving on gas and parking.

During lunchtime, when your co-workers spend upwards of $10
or more on sandwiches, salads, hot dogs and hamburgers take
out your sandwich or salad from your brown paper bag you
brought from home and congratulate yourself saving $50 or
more per week. That is over $2,600 per year you can apply
toward debt reduction!

At night, after work, enjoy a movie….on DVD, that is. Save
$10 to $20 by watching movies at home instead of going out.
Eat dinner and dessert at home. Ask someone to teach you how
to cook if you don’t already know how.

Track Your Changes

Keep a journal, log or notebook of your quest for debt
reduction. Jot down every cent you save so you will be aware
of even minor efforts that have been made and that they are
worthwhile. Total up your savings at the end of each week
and write a check for the amount you accomplished to save.
Utilize that money you saved toward your ultimate goal of
debt reduction by paying down higher interest credit cards
first, then other debt as you go along.

Author L. B. James writes exclusively for our site and for this blog. If you would like to see more of his articles, or just to check out our new site, go to

If you would like to view our main web page, you can see what sites we have completed and a list of sites that are 'under construction' and scheduled for completion in the near future. Find our main site at If you have a suggestion for any subjects you think ought to be covered, post it here or drop us an e-mail to We would appreciate it!

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