Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Been Some Time...

It has been some time since the last post! But...I have an excuse. A new venture is in the planning.
It has become sorely apparent that there is a lot of hype and misinformation now on the internet. People are trying to sell you something all the time....anything! Sales letters are sent out via e-mail, web sites, blogs, etc, etc. I am sure you have even seen a few. What is troubling is that all the sales pitches make (fill in name of whatever product) is the next best thing to sliced bread. When you buy the product, it is crap....most of it is stuff that is two years old and is being recycled just for the purpose of making money for the seller. I have also found that in some (most?) cases, customer service/support is poor at best.
Well, enough is enough! What has kept me busy for the past 2 months is that I have decided to create an information web site about products and services. The new sites will feature valuable articles and information that will make buying decisions easier for you, and they will cover a variety of topics.
This has not been an easy task, at least for me....someone with very little computer experience other than sending e-mails. Hell, it took me a month to figure out how to do this blog. (Sad, huh?!) I have spent countless hours trying to learn HTML and how to build a web site. Then there are the hosting issues, domain name acquisition, software to review and buy to help write articles, edit graphics, directory submissions, and a host of other tasks. But we have made progress, and are nearing a launch date....hopefully within two weeks. When the launch is close, I will post it here.
Each subject will have it's own web site with a parent site named (it's not up yet, so don't try to run over there to have a look-see!) Each new web site will be a sub-domain from the parent site, such as or, etc.
The neatest thing (and one of the most time consuming) is that others share in my desire to provide legitimate information on varying subjects. I am lining up some pretty savvy people to write articles and info tidbits exclusively for our web sites! And another great thing - I will post some of those articles here so you will know when a new site is up and running.
If any of you out there would like to see a particular subject covered with a new information web site, post it here and let me know. It could be anything from the debt reduction I mentioned above to investing, forex market, skin care, landscaping, on line business opportunities, etc. The subjects and opportunities are endless, to say the least.
Well, must go back to work. Again, we will post and let you know when our new project launches. Good health until then!

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