Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Super Tuesday, or Super-Duper Tuesday......Although the Republicans are beginning to show preference for John McCain as their candidate, the Democrats yesterday settled very little, leaving that battle still up for grabs. Congratulations to McCain on his showing. The GOP maverick won in nine states, including all of the winner-take-all contests and garnered 423 delegates while Romney won in 7 states and received only 130 delegates. Quite impressive for a candidate who is deemed not conservative enough for some GOP bigwigs.
The Democratic race, however, was confusing to me. Hillary won 8 states, Obama won 13. Hillary picked up states with larger delegate counts and got 471 delegates to 437 for Obama. The popular vote was a virtual tie. Hillary was aided by her appeal to women, Latinos and older white males. Obama won over the youth vote (18-29 yr-old), Black vote and made a good showing in the overall white vote. The results really settled nothing and this thing may go down to the wire at the Convention. The GOP race will be settled long before that.
There was some interesting political analysis on ABC during the coverage last night, one in particular. Although Hillary and Obama are locked tight in this duel, it was pointed out that Hillary is campaigning on the 'change' issue as a change from the Bush (and GOP) administration, while Obama is campaigning on the broader issue of change from politics itself and the way politics are conducted in modern day society. Interesting. Could that fundamental difference be the deciding factor as this race moves forward?
No matter. Either one will definitely be a change from the current administration and it looks like that will happen. In my opinion, the GOP does not stand a chance come November if history repeats itself. No administration or party has retained the White House when the election year begins with an economic recession.....never.
The (Democratic) fight is not over yet. The war has just begun, and that was proven with Super Tuesday. Batten down the hatches and get ready. Let's just hope the two candidates, Hillary and Obama, play nice and don't rip the party apart in the process.

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