Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall Has Been Cancelled today reported the following: "WASHINGTON, D.C. - Fall, the long-running series of shorter days and cooler nights, was cancelled earlier this week after nearly 3 billion seasons on Earth, sources reported Tuesday. The classic period of the year which once occupied a coveted slot between summer and winter, will be replaced by new, stifling humidity levels, near-constant sunshine, and almost no precipitation for months." is a satirical news web site that you should check out....if your sense of humor runs to the satirical side. Anyway, they can't be too far wrong if you have been following the news lately.
What has been reported, in reality, is that the unseasonably warm weather can be attributed to the possiblity of La Nina which affects ocean currents. Or could it be that Al Gore is right and we are seeing the effects of global warming? If I had known that Al Gore could actually be right once in a while, I may have voted for him instead of Bush. At least Al can spell 'global warming', unlike Bush who now spells it global warring!
Speaking of Bush, there is a new ritual out now that you may want to participate in. You get an effigy of Bush and place it on the ground. Then you take a big stick and thrash the ground around the doll until you have no stength left. The new ritual is called "Beating Around the Bush".

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