Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Down, Two to Go

Well, we have 2 holidays 'down' (Halloween and Thanksgiving) and two to go. I don't know about you, but hearing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving is a bit tedious!. It's not just this year, but for every year I can remember in recent history.
With all the holiday activities, family, friends, parties, galas, etc., we probably will not be posting as often as we would like. But that doesn't mean we are short of opinions. Heavens, no! We are just going to take the time to enjoy this holiday as best we can.
The Dancing With the Stars show is done for the season, ending last night with Helio winning the whole pot. Although I love the guy, his effort and his magnetism, I felt that he was the 3rd best dancer on the show this year. In my opinion, Helio was behind in talent to Mel B. and Sabrina, who got knocked of a couple of weeks ago through a real voting goof up. If you read my previous post (NOv. 7th) about Sabrina getting kicked off and my suggestions about how to possibly change the judging, I have not changed my opinion.
Take for example Marie Osmond, who had no right and not enough dancing talent to even be in the semi-finals, much less the finals! Granted, Marie is a good entertainer with a good sense of humor that she readily displayed for us all during the past weeks. But, her audience/supporters kept her in the game way too long. Another example of the popularity contest that needs to be changed.
Even Helio benefitted from the popularity thing. I would guess that few people knew who he was when the season's show began, or even knew he has won 2 Indy 500 races, a tribute to the skills and talent he has as a driver. Here is a guy who won the entire contest last night without never having danced before!
How did he do it? Yes, through a lot of hard work and determination, but come on......8 weeks and he is a champion dancer?! If you look back at the talents of Mel B. and Sabrina, Helio won on popularity. If you watched Monday night, let me prove my point: Each team danced two dances that night, the last night of the competition that the audience would have a vote in the outcome. Mel's score for the 2 dances was 55, Helio had 54 and Marie had 48. What made the difference, in my opinion, was that Helio had the last dance. It was a good one, scoring 10's across the board and exciting the audience. Even though his total score was less than Mel, he left a lasting impression, and obviously, by popular vote, he won the competition.
Don't get me wrong. I love the show, watch it every week, both nights. Helio won, and good for him and his effort. But the best one did not win. The judging rules need to be modified to make it more fair for the dancers who are really good, but maybe do not quite have the following of some other popular stars. Set the playing field level and we can all enjoy.

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