Monday, December 3, 2007

Kudos...and a Boo

By now, you know I like to read about sports. It is part of my morning routine. Not that I was ever a good athlete.....hardly!I just made it by to participate. My brother was the athlete of the family, I was the bookworm. But today there was something in the sports section I thought interesting.
The kudos: As inflation and greed continue to drive up prices for tickets at sporting events, The Pittsburgh Pirates are standing pat, keeping ticket prices the same for next season. They have not raised ticket prices since 2001, and their ticket prices average $17.07, among the lowest in baseball.
Now the Boos: Apparently, 15 consecutive losing seasons are enough to make even baseball executives feel guilty. "We will at some point need to raise ticket prices to stay competitive, but the focus this season has been and will be on changing the culture of this organization to one in which our fans will again be proud," team spokesman Brian Warecki said.
Be careful who you root for and how well you want your team to do during the season and into the playoffs. Rooting for a winning team will apparently cost you more! Especially if they raise those already exorbitant salaries we talked about before in order to keep the winning players.

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